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solar flash light

Model:powerful solar flash light SLB-009


  • ● No bill of electric. Always really free power once installation.
  • ● Safety. Never electric shock.
  • ● No wiring troubles. Easy and quick installation.Easy to use.
  • ● No needs of maintenance . 
  • ● Long working life. Solar panel and LED can work more than 10 years. 
  • ● Recycling. Each part can be replaced by new one when worn out.
  • ● Multifunctional. The lamps can be used as solar lantern, camping light, emergency light, torch light, LED bulb, mobile phone. chargers and so on.
  • ● The LED lamp can be 3W-1W shifting. It can accommodate to different usage and make the working time much longer.
  • ● Portable and convenient. everywhere and every moment use if you need lighting.
  • ● Absolutely environmentally friendly. No fuel or carbon consumption.

  • Specification

    Multi- functional

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